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Design & Engineering

Design and Engineering is an open concept, in some instances the solution is known; in others, the solution is yet to be developed.

Usually the client begins with a general idea of their wants for a project. The design and engineering team help mold these general ideas into a more specific design concept. Often, the first idea(s) are not the final idea(s), but they are necessary steps in arriving at the final design configuration. A M King sifts through these ideas and conversations to ensure the client receives the product they desire.

Specific needs, goals and requirements are understood and adhered to. It is the priority of the design and engineering team to bring the client’s ideas to life. At A M King, the collaborative process is valued and respected. We sit down with clients and representatives and ask specific workflow details to derive the client’s ultimate goal, not just for now, but also for the future.

Design and engineering is beyond drawing plans.

From the programmatic piece, establishing a clear vision, understanding the budget and how it relates to your project, execution, fulfilling needs, being a good steward of capital, to capturing the embodiment of what your company stands for. It’s a multi-faceted process and you’re going to want the right team on your side.

Features of Design-Build: Project delivery where design and construction are not separate entities. The integration of design, construction and pricing is primarily done up front. This cohesive practice makes it easier to see potential issues, save time and money, which are all characteristics of a successful project.