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Construction Services

Once design and preconstruction are complete, Owners can rely on A M King for comprehensive construction services including:

Construction management.

From the first footing poured to the delivery of your Certificate of Occupancy, A M King will take complete responsibility for your project. A large part of this is managing and mitigating risk so construction stays on schedule and within your budget.

Procurement of subcontractors and materials.

We assemble the best team for your project using our detailed prequalification process. And, we ensure those professionals have the materials necessary to deliver the highest quality finished product to you. Our experienced project managers use their extensive network of contacts to source the supplies you need at the best possible prices.

Cost control.

At A M King, we know you measure success not just by delivery of a quality finished product, but a product that works within your budget. We take seriously our responsibility to protect your assets. Monthly reports will keep you informed of the financial progress of your project so you always know exactly where your budget stands.


Our experienced project managers and field personnel employ advanced scheduling software to track progress up to the minute, and proactively adjust the schedule and anticipate obstacles to ensure on-time delivery.

Quality management.

At A M King, “good enough” is not good enough. We demand the highest quality. We outline quality expectations to everyone involved in the project before any work begins, and no work is approved unless those expectations are upheld or exceeded.

Safety assurance.

The safety of everyone on our jobsite is A M King’s number one priority. Subcontractors provide written health and safety programs, and those are executed along with A M King’s site-specific safety measures. All personnel attend a safety orientation, and subcontractors hold weekly meetings to reinforce safety measures. The goal is continued safety of all personnel and no lost time due to preventable accidents.