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Project Honeywell Equipment Relocation

Project Honeywell Equipment Relocation

Honeywell is a worldwide powerhouse manufacturing today’s most innovative and technologically advanced inventions. One of their industrial manufacturing facilities in Greer, S.C. needed expanding to accommodate new process equipment. Therefore Honeywell called upon long-time partner, Aiken Mitchell a subsidiary of A M King, to fulfill their building needs in a timely manner.

Aiken Mitchell began construction by taking a corner of the facility and boxing it in to create a new 13,000 square foot space to hold their growing equipment. The equipment was engineered specifically for Honeywell, making forecasting potential issues very challenging because of the newness and unfamiliarity of the custom machinery.

One of the job requests, were utilities fed from the ceiling directly into the equipment. This demanded heavy planning and organization to ensure the utilities were descending from the correct checkpoints to reach each machine and avoid confusion. Aiken Mitchell successfully delivered this request, keeping the schedule intact and utilizing the budget wisely.

Five months, from start to finish, Aiken Mitchell worked efficiently and effectively to meet all of Honeywell’s needs and exceed their expectations.