Why A M King?

Integrity. Complex projects. Innovative solutions.

Our clients trust A M King to create and maintain the facilities essential for success today and growth tomorrow. They rely on the A M King team to understand needs, identify opportunities and deliver the best solutions. From design to construction to building maintenance, A M King is your partner for now and for years to come.

A M King is committed to:

  • Delivering complex projects. When we undertake a project, we strive to understand the project’s goals and requirements early on, and address any architectural or design challenges promptly. We demand a strict adherence to quality at every step, and you can rest assured our team will work to exceed your expectations at each phase of a project. Challenges are embraced and faced enthusiastically. We are excited to take on even the most advanced projects.
  • Innovative solutions. A M King delivers the solutions your business needs to move forward. As your single source for design, construction, facility maintenance and property services, we can provide seamless and customized solutions to ensure greater efficiencies, higher productivity and best cost value. By overseeing all stages of project delivery and facility maintenance, A M King is able to assume much of the risk typically left to the client. Our integrated delivery model is suitable for projects large and small and allows us to customize solutions for each client.
  • Personal Integrity. We mean what we say, do what we say, hold ourselves accountable and keep our promises. Our responsibility is to not only deliver a quality product but to protect our clients’ assets and manage their risks.